Due to the Corona Virus, both our Museums will  be closed for all Open House events.  Volunteers may return to work wearing masks and maintaining social distancing.




The Connecticut Historical Society needs your help documenting life during the 2020 coronavirus pandemic -- Memes about time travelers stumbling into the unexpected events of 2020 abound on social media right now but 100 years from now how will historians tell the story? To document this historic moment, the Connecticut Historical Society is seeking stories, pictures and videos about life in Connecticut during the time of the coronavirus pandemic.

     The historical society has launched an online portal – chs.org/covidinct – for Connecticut residents to give first-hand accounts of how life has changed since the COVID-19 pandemic started raging. “We are living in historic times. We recognize that primary source material is the ingredient that history is made of,” said Ilene Frank, chief curator of the historical society. “In the past, those would have been letters, journals, diaries. But people don’t write as much on paper anymore.

Help us report on coronavirus in Connecticut by sharing your stories of living through the COVID-19 crisis »

     “We want to hear the special stories and feel the special emotions of the experience of living through trying times. That’s what makes history rich and alive,” Frank said. “One hundred years from now, people will be able to study the statistics about how many businesses closed, how many people got sick. We want the human touch, capturing the experience of living during this time.”  The portal is open for use by people 18 and older. It requests not only writings about pandemic-related experiences, but also photos, drawings, paintings and short videos. The site, however, tells participants to not put themselves in danger capturing photos or videos.