On Display at Johnson House

Our Collection Committee must review and approve all donations of archival material or objects to the Museum. If you would like to make a donation, please email wallingfordhistory@gmail.com. We would need to view or have a photograph of the item, and any history you can provide.  We cannot provide an appraisal for any items donated. 


Below --The 13 Original Colonies 1776-1976  Bicentennial Commemorative Spoon Collection  International Silver Company.  Each spoon is 6 inches long and has the Eagle surrounded by 13 Stars on the handle, the Name of The Colony on the middle of the handle and, the State Seal on the bowl of the Spoon. The Back of the Handle of Each Spoon has 2 Flags and is marked, "International IS Bicentennial 1776-1976."The spoons included are Georgia, North Carolina, South Carolina, Connecticut, Delaware, Rhode Island, Virginia, Pennsylvania, New York, New Jersey, Maryland, Massachusetts, and New Hampshire. 

The Presidential Spoon Collections are by William Rogers Silver Co.    Each spoon is 6" in length and features an engraving of the President's name on the handle, an image depicting a historic event which occurred during his term on the bowl, as well as an engraved image of each President on the handle tip. The collection on the left is gold dipped and has 36 spoons (including Lyndon Johnson) and the one on the right is silver plate and has 37 spoons (including Richard Nixon.)

On Display at Royce House


Blanket chest made by Caleb Atwater - signed and dated on the back- 1761

Opens at the top and has small drawer in the inside top right and outside bottom right.

18th Century Buddington Chair.JPG

18th century Buddington chair

17th Century tri-corner chair


Powder Horn made and decorated with birds, animals and reptiles by Dick Freedom, on May 11, 1777.

Lithograph of The First Sunday at New Haven


Model of the Yale House with every board numbered to aid in reconstruction of the house to the southwest of the Royce House.


Here are photographs of the Munson chest, made in Wallingford, perhaps in the 1780's.

Robert Trent, the renowned Connecticut furniture expert, felt it needed to return to Wallingford and brought our attention to it.  It will be delivered to the Royce House around March 2021.