Finding Our Wallingford Silver Makers

If you or a relative worked for the silver companies in Wallingford, please stop by the American Silver Museum/Johnson House (153 South Main St.) during one of our Open House events and add your information to our growing list of silver workers! Wallingford owes a lot to you/them for the thriving silver economy from the mid-1800s to the mid 1900s!  Also, take home a Wallace Silver Co. Christmas ornament as our thank you!


Based on the restrictions of Covid, we hope to be reopening in April 2021.      OR – send an email to with as many as possible of the following 6 items of information plus your name and telephone # in case we want to follow up with you.  First time visitors can get a Wallace Silver Co. ornament at any time we are open.

  1. Name of Silver Worker

  2. Silver Company Where He/She Worked

  3. Factory Location(Select one or two)

    • Factory A, AJ – Became Eyelet Specialty (Rt. 5)

    • Factory E – On South Broad St. -- Wlfd/Meriden line

    • Factory H – Barnes Industrial Park

    • Factory L -- Simpson, Hall & Miller (now Silver Pond Apts.) later moved to South Broad St.

    • Factory M – Near Judd on Cherry St.

    • Factory P – Hall Av.- Was Oneida; later became Times Fiber by Quinnipiac River

    • Research Parkway

    • Wallace Silver Co.– Quinnipiac St.

    • Boardman Silver Co. – Hartford Tpke.

    • Other

  4. Job Title (Some Suggestions below – Enter one or two )

    • Office/Clerk/Computer/Billing/Payroll/Personnel/Sales Store,

    • Setup man, polisher, buffer, engraver, toolmaker, die cutter, pattern maker, machinist, plater, drop operator, etc.

    • Supervisor, Foreman, Manager, Quality Control, etc.

  5. Worked (approx.) years at a silver company? During approx. what years?

  6. Do you have an interesting story to share?Enter or ask us to call you.


At bottom, please enter your name, and telephone # in case we need to follow up.   


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Photographs taken by Natalie Scott