The GW2 Elm Tree.JPG

Wallingford Community Women of Wallingford visited the Royce House in 2019 and checked out the George Washington Elm Jr.

Before the Royce House was moved to this location in 1924, it was situated at the corner of North St. and North Main St.  A large, beautiful elm tree stood in the front yard and, when passing through Wallingford in the 1860s, George Washington took the opportunity to stand under this tree and address the townsfolk.  Since then, the house has also been called the Washington Elm House. Unfortunately this tree blew down years ago in a strong wind storm.  Later, the Dutch Elm disease wiped out most of the elm trees in Connecticut.

In 2018, our volunteer and master gardener Dick Straub came across a small elm sprout in the rear of our Royce House.  He took it home and nurtured it through the winter and has replanted it in the front yard of the Royce House.  It seems happy with its new location and is growing very well.  We have named it the George Washington Elm Jr.